Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Entry #1

I have had many experiences teaching writing in my student teaching experiences, field placements, and substitute teaching experiences.  There are different aspects of teaching writing that I feel very comfortable with, and other that I do not.  As a young professional it is important to remember what core principles you value and incorporate them in your classroom.

I believe that there needs to be time for students to write for enjoyment, in addition to more structured assignments.  The balance of these approaches requires the teacher to remember that free writing is crucial and time must be allowed for students to explore their own creativity.  Other assignments can be more structured, and this helps bring students out of their comfort zone and meet the objectives of that particular assignment.  Free writing should be used to help foster the lover for writing in students and remind them that there are many uses for writing.  Too often, students begin to resent and avoid writing because their love for writing has been extinguished.  Choice and free writing will help to reignite the flame.

I also believe that conferencing wtih studnets is especially benificial for both teahcers and studnets.  It gives the teacher a glimpse of the strengths and weaknesses in their students writing and then will help them design lessons and provide interventions to target those gaps.  It also helps studnets stay on track learn how to successfully use the writing process.  It also validates their efforts and shows that the teacher really cares about their writing and will help them improve.  Conferences can be done as a whole group, small group, individually, or student run.  Each format has merit and can be used in different situations.


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  1. This is a great start Lindsey! Of course, I know you were rushed here but you did a wonderful job at capturing the voice and stance I wanted to encourage with these entries. Keep up the good work.